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The Antidote: To The T-Rump Show

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The Antidote: To The T-Rump Show: The Antidote is a post-apocalyptic satirical sci-fi, looking at the underbelly of a world, underwater, sinking into the underworld of El Presidente "Crooked Don" Don T-Rump and his frenetic, whipsaw maelstrom into devolution. It is unhinged from the truth. The backdrop is ground zero, where the twin towers once stood.

The T-Rump Show is a media platform, projecting the sordid, flawed history of a society in decline, laughable, but at the same time sadly tragic. The conflagration of 9/11 laid the ground work for the latest permutation, El Presidente "Crooked Don" Don T-Rump, building a wall between Spamerica and Mexiraq and to the north between Spamerica and Canadastan. His mastermind, sinister manipulator is, "Vlad the Impaler". Doomsday looms, ominously, overhead.


THE ANTIDOTE: To The T-Rump Show



Dr. Blackman's satirical masterpiece, "The Antidote: To The T-Rump Show", takes us behind the scene, the underbelly of a disparate society, divided and broken, ruled by a Swamp King  AKA Crooked Don FYI El Presidente Don T-Rump. His island now called Spamerica, sits on landfill. The garbage of bygone days, the memorabilia of others who held the reins of power, leaving behind their wreckage, the tinseled histories, flawed and falsified by pedantic psycho-babblers and crapshooters.

 And now  the media generated

crackpot, builds his  underworld

Kingdom. His White Castle,  house  

of cards, with his scrawling  blabbering,, blubbery vapid wall of lies. like a vulture in a swamp, feeding on carrion, what's   left  of Lady Liberty, The Swamp King, scrawls. Vengeful and petty, he attacks the native people declaring  their sacred lands his. He has filed  an  eminent domain  suit in federal court to have them removed from their sacred lands.